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The Symposium on improving the quality of postgraduate training in the school of finance was successfully held
發布時間:2019-10-25 14:17:24 瀏覽次數:

In order to further standardize and strengthen the management of postgraduate training, on the afternoon of October 21, Symposium on improving the quality of postgraduate training in the school of finance was held in the eastern conference room of the school of finance. Wang Yang, President, Ling Aifan, vice president, and 17, 18 and 19 graduate students attended the symposium, which was presided over by Ling Aifan, vice president.

Leaders of the college attach great importance to this symposium, and take this opportunity to hear the voice of students, so as to provide effective ideas for the formulation of future training policies of the College of finance. At the beginning of the meeting, vice president Ling Aifan introduced the current situation of postgraduate training in the school of finance. Then, the teachers and students around the theme of improving the quality of postgraduate training in our institute, spoke freely, from the learning objectives, classroom teaching, tutor training, academic resources, system management and other perspectives to express their views.

In the discussion, teachers and students mainly discuss the related problems existing in system construction, teaching management, tutor getting along with each other, scientific research support platform, academic paper writing and publishing, learning goal direction and other aspects of graduate education in our institute in recent years, with a warm atmosphere on site.

The discussion has reached a certain consensus: first, to improve the ability of students' autonomous learning, make clear that the tutor focuses on guidance. The second is to establish a training guarantee system for heterogeneous students, and implement classified and accurate teaching and training for different students' logical thinking, professional level and writing ability. Third, from the perspective of system and mechanism, we should pay more attention to scientific research achievements. By increasing the requirements of scientific research assessment and increasing the proportion of comprehensive assessment scientific research institutes, we can stimulate the enthusiasm of the graduate students in our college.

At the end of the meeting, President Wang Yang thanked the graduate students who attended the meeting for their valuable opinions and suggestions, and said that the college would solve them as soon as possible after discussion. According to the results of the survey, we plan to take effective measures to improve the quality of postgraduate training.

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