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The academic team

Leaders of the University report on thematic education and guidance in the school of Finance
發布時間:2019-09-27 13:42:50 瀏覽次數:

Recently, vice president Wang Xiaoping and all the faculty members of the school of finance came together to give a leading speech on education with the theme of never forget your original mind and remember your mission. He made a constructive explanation on the characteristics of China's education and the opening up of China's education.

At the beginning of the conference, vice president Wang Xiaoping, with the theme of in-depth study of Xi Jinping's important exposition on insisting on taking root in China's land education and expanding education to open to the outside world, combined with the actual work of the school, talked about taking root in China's education to highlight the confidence in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, And to show the strong vitality and charm of a series of educational concepts in the process of China's education development; to take root in China's education is to aim at the goal of modern education of Chinese characteristics and world level, to tackle the deep water area, to gnaw at the hard bone, to catch up with and lead the world's first-class, and to run a satisfactory education for the people; In order to run education in China, we must adhere to the correct political direction, adhere to the Chinese characteristics, and solve the practical problems of unbalanced development of education in China; Vice president Wang Xiaoping also mentioned that the purpose of expanding the opening up of education is to build a community with a shared future for mankind, to establish a new era of education opening up concept, and the international education exchange and cooperation in the new era shoulder the responsibility of cultural exchange and ideological exchange.

Vice president Wang Xiaoping had a cordial exchange with the faculty members. He pointed out that the financial college should take root in Jiangxi to run education, recruit talents from all over the world, make full use of resources in the province, actively promote talent exchange projects, let outstanding students go out and bring back advanced knowledge.

After listening to vice president Wang Xiaoping's learning and sharing, the party members also actively expressed their learning feelings. President Wang Yang said that to run China's education well, we should not rely solely on the input of foreign experience, nor copy the school running model or experience of western countries. We must take root in China's soil and lead with our own scientific outlook on development and ideological system, We should use advanced socialist culture and socialist core values to nourish, cultivate and grow, and then form localized solutions with Chinese characteristics. Secretary Wang Qi also said that the Ministry of education is working hard to study and formulate policy documents to accelerate and expand the opening up of education. It will deepen education opening to the outside world with greater efforts and innovative measures, support the growth of young people along the one belt and one road, and foster the cultural foundation of peaceful development and friendship between China and foreign countries. Guo Haifeng, deputy secretary, said that to build a world-class university rooted in China, first of all, we need to cultivate a high degree of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-consciousness in education. Second, universities must have their own complete and inviolable sovereignty over higher education. Chinese universities have their own full autonomy. They need to do education and learning in order to solve China's problems.

For this study, all the faculty members of the school of Finance expressed their inspiration and inspiration. We must focus on the needs of education in the new era, focus on the actual situation of China, and develop characteristic education in China. We must start from the actual situation of the college, and look up to the sky as well as the world to meet the challenges of the new era.

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