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Opening Ceremony and Entrance Education of Grade 2019 Graduate Students of Finance College Held Successfully
發布時間:2019-09-11 18:33:44 瀏覽次數:

On the morning of September 9th, the opening ceremony and entrance education of the 2019 level postgraduate students at the finance institute were held in the lecture hall, 3 floor of the first floor of the information and information building.Professor Wang Xiaoping, vice president of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, presented flowers to the teachers' representatives at the opening ceremony. Wei Qinghua, vice president of the graduate school and Dean Wang Yang of the school of finance, delivered speeches respectively. Professor Yan Wu, a doctoral supervisor at the finance school, delivered a speech.Professor Ling Aifan, vice president of the school of finance, Professor Hu Shaoyong, Professor Hu Yuancheng of the school of finance, Shi Xiaorong, Zhou Chuang, and all 2019 graduate students and doctoral candidates of the 2019 postgraduate class attended the event. The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Financial College.

Vice President Wang Xiaoping condolences to the teachers on behalf of the school and presents flowers to the teachers' representatives. He said that the Party Committee attached great importance to talent training, and the key to talent training is to have a good team of teachers.Teachers' Day is a high recognition of teachers' profession, and also a manifestation of Chinese culture respecting teachers and teaching hard. On the occasion of teachers' day, the school Party committee gives holiday blessings to all teachers.At the same time, entrusted by Secretary Wang Qiao and Principal Lufu Finance, on behalf of the school, we send our festival greetings and flowers to the teachers who have won the national and provincial and ministerial awards.

Professor Yan Wu thanked the school committees and school leaders for their concern for teachers, and heartily congratulated and warmly welcomed postgraduates to continue their further studies.Professor Yan Wu hopes that students will cherish their time, study hard and learn professional knowledge well in the postgraduate stage. Meanwhile, they will strive for progress in ideology, put virtue in the first place, persist in exercising after school, hone their will, and successfully complete their studies and make their own contributions to society.

Wei Qinghua, vice president of the graduate school, described the difference between a dish of braised pork and a master's and doctor's degree.In his speech, he talked about that the school with doctoral degree of first-class discipline is the top university in its industry, and finance is one of the most important second-level disciplines under doctoral degree of Applied Economics in our university.Wei Tsinghua put forward three opinions on how to get through the postgraduate stage and how to become qualified postgraduates. First, we should respect teachers and attach importance to teaching, and establish partnership with teachers, who are the first responsible person for postgraduate training. Second, we should concentrate on learning and cultivate professional competence and spirit. Third, we should be brave in exploring and cultivating innovative ability and spirit. He demanded that graduate students strictly abide by the school rules and regulations, and strictly prohibit any academic and scientific misconduct.

Zhong Guangfang, the representative of the freshmen of Grade 2019, made a speech, expressing that in the future, the graduate students should change their learning thinking, learn to think deeply, have a foothold, have lofty aspirations and actively study time management.She hopes that students will always be upward youth, bearing in mind the school motto of faithfulness, honesty and perseverance, the spirit of devotion to work and pleasure, to the best!

President Wang Yang thanked the old professors for their hard work and put forward some requirements to the freshmen of finance college.First of all, in terms of learning, we should set up lofty goals, lofty aspirations, high pursuit of life, and not downgrade. Secondly, we should pay attention to action and perseverance.In addition, we should pay attention to learning methods, broad-minded and approximate, thick accumulation and thin hair. Wang Yang hopes that students can improve their writing level of papers, and high-quality papers should be corrected. Obey school rules and regulations, study hard in class, and be a qualified graduate student. He also encouraged postgraduates to continue their studies.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Ling Aifan, vice president of the school of finance, hosted the entrance education for 2019 freshmen.Dr. Chou Chuang, with the theme of How to Become an Excellent Postgraduate, shares his writing experience with students from three perspectives: topic selection, writing and publication.At the same time, it also gives its own suggestions on the writing mentality, how to communicate closely with the mentor and overcome difficulties.

The opening ceremony and entrance education of the new graduate students were successfully concluded. In the autumn of September, it was on Teachers' day. Sincerely, I would like to say to you, Happy Teachers' day, you have worked hard! We hope that all of you will make great progress in your life and compose beautiful articles.

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