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The academic team

The Fifth Annual Academic Conference was successfully held in our college
發布時間:2019-05-20 20:05:45 瀏覽次數:

?On 18 May, the Fifth Annual Conference of the Institute of Finance was successfully held in the East End Report Hall and the West End Conference Room on the second floor of YiZhen Building,Unlike previous sessions, the theme of this annual conference is Financial Innovation and Development. The participants of this conference are expanded to graduate students in the whole university, and a keynote report link is added. Wang Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Finance College, Wang Yang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Guo Haifeng and Ling Aifan, Vice President of the Finance College, attended the event. Professor Ling Aifan and Dr. Hu Jun were invited to give a keynote report on the frontier papers of finance.The event was presided over by Li Shaoxun and Xiong Shiyu,and judged by Jiang Chonghui, Dr. Hu Zhijun, Dr. Tan Yingxian, Dr. Hu Jun, Dr. QianLi and Dr. Du Jiangze.


At the beginning of the annual meeting, President Wang Yang of the Institute of Finance delivered an opening speech. President Wang affirmed the contribution of the annual meeting to the building of an academic research platform for students of the Institute of Finance. He hoped that students could take this platform for more academic training. At the same time, he put forward three suggestions for students: first, he reiterated that academic postgraduates should have lofty aspirations; second, the writing of papers should be interest-oriented, and emphasized that papers are corrected, not written; third, he urged students to read more bibliographies of other majors besides professional courses.


In the second keynote stage of the annual meeting, Professor Ling Aifan made a report on the theme CVaR and the cross-section of expected returns - - Evidence from China's A-share Market. The study found that heterogeneous volatility has a significant negative correlation with expected returns. Based on the existing zero-order risk probability (VaR), second-order risk (heterogeneous volatility) and higher-order peak slope risk, the idea of whether the CVaR of first-order tail risk anticipates significant cross-section returns is obtained. Subsequently, Dr. Hu Jun presented the theme report of stock price crash, corporate behavior and corporate performance - quasi-natural experimental evidence from the stock market disaster in 2015. By introducing the volatility of Chinese and American stock markets, Dr. Hu Jun studied the hot issues such as government intervention in the stock market, equity pledge liquidation, and discussed whether stock price volatility affects the allocation of resources.


After the opening ceremony, 15 postgraduate delegates entered the theme of the annual academic conference with wonderful papers. In the reporting process, for each student's papers, the judges and the reporters exchanged in depth from many aspects, such as topic selection, model construction, data mining, etc., affirmed their achievements, pointed out some shortcomings, and put forward suggestions for revision. After the meeting, the students expressed that the annual academic meeting was not only a report meeting, but also an exchange meeting of ideas collision, which promoted academic exchanges between teachers and students, and also enhanced the academic research atmosphere of graduate students in our college.


It is reported that in order to cultivate students'scientific research and innovation ability in our institute, the Financial College organized teachers, students and League organizations to jointly establish a community thinking, and collaboratively created a student scientific research service system with the goal of improving students' scientific research and innovation ability, taking scientific research competitions as the lead, students'academic exchange platform, scientific research tutors' team and students'scientific research projects as the main brands. Five sessions have been held so far. This annual academic conference includes not only postgraduate contributions from the Finance College, but also postgraduate contributions from other brotherly colleges, such as the International College of Economics and Trade, the Institute of Economics and the Institute of Industrial Economics. While enriching the vision of graduate research in our college, it has also made positive contributions to promoting the atmosphere of cross-disciplinary and cross-professional academic exchanges among graduate students in our university.


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