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The academic team

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The School of Finance of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was established in 2003. It has the only doctoral degree program of Finance in Jiangxi Province. It also has master's degree programs of Finance and Master of Finance and Master of Insurance. The College has four teaching units: Finance Department, Investment Department, Finance Engineering Department, Risk Management and Insurance Department. They correspond to the four undergraduate majors of Finance, Investment Science, Financial Engineering and Insurance and the characteristic orientation of Finance (FRM). Finance won the first batch of brand professional titles in Jiangxi Province in 2002, and was successively awarded as the key subject of Jiangxi Province's Tenth Five-Year Plan and Eleventh Five-Year Plan. In 2006, it was awarded the second batch of demonstration master's degree programs in Jiangxi Province. In 2007, Finance was awarded the first batch of distinctive professional titles by the Ministry of Education. There are four university-level research institutions: International Institute of Financial Management, Research Center of Science and Technology and Finance, Research Center of Financial Science and Technology and Supervision, and Research Center of Securities and Futures. In December 2017, the Institute of Modern Finance of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, established by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in cooperation with Renmin University of China, also affiliated with the School of Finance.

Finance College is a teaching college with traditional advantages in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. There are 63 full-time teachers, including 19 professors and 17 associate professors. The proportion of teachers with doctoral degree is 70%. Among the faculty, there are three experts who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council Government, one national famous teaching teacher, two famous teaching teachers in Jiangxi Province, one winner of Jiangxi Outstanding Contribution Talent Award, and one leader of Gan Po Talent 555 Project, four young and middle-aged subject leaders in Jiangxi universities, two engineering candidates for millions of talents in Jiangxi province, two leading talents in Humanities and Social Sciences in Jiangxi universities, and one person has won the National Achievement Award for returned overseas students. After years of teaching and research work, the College has formed a team of excellent teachers with reasonable knowledge structure, Title structure, academic structure and age structure. In recent years, the Institute has intensified its efforts to introduce high-level and overseas talents and rationally optimize the allocation of teachers'resources. A teaching and scientific research echelon with Hu Yuancheng, Lv Jianglin, Yanwu, Wang Yang, Gui Hefa, Liu Xinghua, Ling Aifan, Xiaojun, Huang Feiming, Peng Yuni and Jiang Chonghui as the core, high education and professional titles as the backbone, young and middle-aged teachers as the main body, dedication and innovation consciousness has been built.

At present, the college has more than 2300 full-time enrolled students, including more than 2050 undergraduates and 270 postgraduates. The Financial College focuses on quality construction and pays great attention to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students. Finance professional backbone course Securities Investment Theory and Practice has become a national quality course, Monetary Banking, International Finance, Securities Investment, International Finance Practice and other courses are provincial quality courses; At the same time, the project Open Comprehensive Financial Laboratory jointly built by the central and local governments and the project Modern Financial Experimental Center supported by the central government for local financial funds have been built.

 Adhering to the motto of Xinmin Lianyi, the College attaches great importance to the scientific research and academic innovation of finance, and gradually condenses the research directions of monetary banking theory and practice, international financial theory and practice, capital market and risk management, corporate finance theory and policy, which are very characteristic and relatively stable. A large number of high-quality scientific research achievements have emerged successively. The College actively communicates with colleagues in the academic circles and has hosted various types of international and domestic conferences in recent years. Teachers of the College have contributed to local economic construction, actively participated in government decision-making consultation, enterprise management consultation and personnel training at all levels, and received good praise and wide social recognition. The College has also established extensive and close academic exchanges and educational cooperation with Australian National University, University of Missouri, University of Nevada, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other well-known institutions of higher learning, research institutions and academic organizations at home and abroad, and the degree of internationalization is constantly improving.

 In the future, the College will continue to carry forward its fine academic tradition, devote itself to reform and innovation, highlight its professional characteristics, improve the quality of teaching and research, and strive to build a financial college with solid, distinctive features and high level of internationalization.


  (Data as of  December? 2019 )

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