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The academic team

Monetray and Banking
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Department of Money and Banking has a long history and is one of the earliest departments established in Finance School, now offers a monetary and banking studies undergraduate program, master’s degree program, as well as enrolls doctoral students. Department of Money and Banking takes the lead in teaching and researching among the similar professionals of schools, and has a certain influence in finance industry. At present, the department comprises 15 professional teachers, among them, 6 members have been granted a doctoral degree, 9 members gain Master’s degree, 3 of them are professors, 3 are associate professors, one member is doctoral tutor while the rest 8 members are master’s tutors. Besides, this department contains teachers who take part-time jobs in commercial banks and other financial real sector.

Last more than 10 years, the Department has undertaken national key research projects, Minister of scientific research projects as well as various social sciences and the Ministry of scientific research projects in Jiangxi province. It has provided a lot of valuable advice for management sectors such as government decision-making sector and financial trade sector and so on. Scientific researches and teaching texts has won national awards and provincial awards in succession.

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