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The academic team

Recruitment For High-level Talents Of JUFE
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Brief Introduction


Jiangxi University of Finance and economics is a University of Finance and economics jointly established by the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education and the people's Government of Jiangxi Province. It focuses on the subjects of economy and management, and coordinated the development of law, engineering, literature, science, art and other disciplines.

Since its establishment, the school has been adhering to the motto of trust, sensitivity and integrity and the university spirit of respecting the industry, enjoying the masses and striving for perfection, forming the school running characteristics of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with the quality of trust, sensitivity and integrity.The University adheres to the principles of quality, characteristics, talents and morality. It has formed a school running mode of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents on the red soil, and has gone out of the way of running universities with people's satisfaction in underdeveloped areas,The university is striving to achieve the development goal of a solid foundation, distinctive features, people's satisfaction and internationally renowned high-level university of Finance and economics and realize the Jiang financial dream of one hundred year famous university.

The school is located in Nanchang, the hero city, with the clear water of Ganjiang River in the East, the haze of Meiling mountain in the west, the spirit of Lushan Mountain in the north and the majestic Jinggang in the south.There are four campuses: Jiaoqiao garden, Mailu garden, Fenglin garden and Qingshan garden. Covering an area of more than 2200 mu, with a building area of more than 900000 square meters, it has a collection of 6.436 million books (including 2.8 million electronic books).The campus is fragrant, elegant, well arranged, with overlapping green layers and lake light. It is one of the top 300 greening units in China.

The university has 16 teaching colleges, 4 management colleges and 1 independent college, 8 independent scientific research institutions, 4 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 7 provincial key humanities and social sciences research bases, and 3 philosophy and social sciences research bases in Jiangxi Province.

At present, the university has disciplines such as economics, management, law, engineering, literature, science, art, etc.; it has 5 post doctoral mobile stations; 7 level-1 doctoral degree authorization points, 28 level-2 doctoral degree authorization points, 14 level-1 master degree authorization points, 70 level-2 master degree authorization points, 17 professional master degree authorization points, and 52 undergraduate majors.In the fourth round of discipline evaluation in China, the school received A-level (top 10%) in Applied Economics and statistics, B + level (top 20%) in business administration, B-level (top 30%) in theoretical economics, management science and engineering, and law, and B-level (top 40%) in public management;Applied economics, management science and engineering, statistics and business administration were selected as the first class construction discipline of Jiangxi Province.

There are 2179 faculty members and 1294 full-time teachers, including 257 senior professional and technical personnel and 444 deputy senior professional and technical personnel; 690 with doctoral degrees; 124 doctoral supervisors; 642 master supervisors;One Ten Thousand Planleading talent, two Changjiang Scholarslecture professors, two national teaching masters, 27 special government allowances from the State Council, 2 national model teachers, 10 national outstanding teachers,4 people from the Ministry of Education's New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan, 3 National Ten Million Projects talents, 1 Ten Thousands Plan youth top talents, and 1 National Excellent Youth;One is the honorary title of National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions, and three members of the National Professional Degree Master s Degree Teaching Steering Committee.There are 23 candidates for the 555 Talent Program in Jiangxi, Jiangxi Province, 67 leaders in young and middle-aged subjects in universities in Jiangxi Province, 44 backbone teachers in universities in Jiangxi Province, and 21 teachers in Jiangxi Province.

Position Requirement


High-end talents require finance-related majors;Dr. returnee requires theoretical economics and Applied Economics (finance, insurance, financial engineering and related majors);The research direction required by domestic doctors should be theoretical economics, applied economics, management, probability theory and mathematical statistics, operational research and cybernetics, computer science and technology, intelligent science and technology, and big data analysis.

Pay Package


Chief Professor: annual salary: 550000 yuan; housing subsidy: 500000 yuan; family settlement fee: 100000 yuan; scientific research fund: 50000 yuan / year; spouse work arrangement; free transition room.

Discipline leading talents: annual salary of 450000 yuan; housing subsidy of 500000 yuan; settlement fee of 100000 yuan; scientific research fund of 50000 yuan / year; arrangement of spouse work; free transition room.

Young academic leaders: annual salary of 350000 yuan; housing subsidy of 400000 yuan; family expenses of 100000 yuan; scientific research funds of 100000 yuan; arrangement of spouse work.

Dr. returnee: annual salary of 300000 yuan; housing subsidy of 500000 yuan; family settlement fee of 100000 yuan; scientific research fund of 200000 yuan; arrangement of spouse work.

Domestic doctor: housing subsidy of 400000 yuan; home settlement fee of 50000 yuan; scientific research fund of 100000 yuan; conditional arrangement of spouse work.


Contact Information

Add: No.169, East Shuanggang Road, Changbei, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China Postal.

Tel: 0791-83816614


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